Location And Duration of the project

  • Location

The study locations will be in Ghana and in Uganda in Western and Eastern Africa, respectively. The field activities will be done in four regions of Uganda (North, East, Central, and South-Western), while in Ghana, study farms shall be selected from the Northern (Savannah) zone (i.e. Upper East, Upper West, and the Northern regions) and Southern Zone (i.e. Ashanti, Eastern and Volta regions.


  • Duration

The total duration of the action/project will be 36 months (3 years)

  1. Implementation

Table 2 presents the action organizational setup. Implementation of the project activities as indicated in Table 1, will involve different institutions in Ghana and Uganda (Table 2). Makerere University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources, and Biosecurity (COVAB) is the lead institution that will coordinate the entire action.

In Ghana, CSIR-FRI will coordinate all the activities undertaken by the other institutions. The FRI coordinator will therefore act as co-PI and will submit bi-monthly progress reports to the PI to ease the internal monitoring and evaluation process. CSIR-WRI will be responsible for field research activities, NMIMR will carry out the electron microscopy activities and will also host the graduate students for one week; offering the appropriate skills.

The UK Partner will mainly offer supervisory and mentorship roles in phage isolation, characterization, and evaluation; and will directly report to the PI. The institute will also host the graduate students for about 2 weeks as they get skills in genome sequencing and annotation. The Partner will spearhead bulk production of the phages for use during field evaluation studies.

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